Canonying in the Tyrolean Oberland


Canyoning comes from the English term canyon and describes the passing of canyons from the top to the bottom - following the water. There are different kinds of locomotion possibilities: roping, climbing, swimming, jumping, gliding and many more.

By all means canyoning is a refreshing experience with the responsibility to use first-class equipment. In the Tyrolean Oberland there are several canyons which are well dedicated for canyoning. The proper challenge for beginners and profs.


The attraction of canyoning is to master nearlyy inacceessible river areas. All groups of different members are escorted by at least two canyoning guides. Quality and safety is our first priority and we guarantee for guides with maximum experience and best education.

Possible Canyoning tours: Auer Klamm, Rosengartenschlucht, Alpenrosenklamm, Hachleschlucht, Salvesenschlucht, Alpenrosenklamm, Krebsklamm, ...


As mentioned before the equipment is of great importance. Special neoprene suits are needed (since the water is colder than you are inured to!!!) and this suits have to be hard-wearing. Don't forget the obligatory helmet! In this context we - Faszinatour, Feelfree and Wasser-C-Raft - guarantee for best possible equipment - so that canyoning get's a safe adventure!