Team & apprenticeship

The companies Feelfree, Wasser-C-Raft and Faszinatour worked together with Regionalmanagement Imst on the constitution of the project „Outdoor-Academy“. This venture has the ambition to combine and merge the different training opportunities in the field of outdoor sports. This apprenticeship system has been conceived with assistance of the European Union and the Federal Country of Tyrol. Existing training opportunities have been centralized and supplemented by further apprenticeship opportunities.

The intention is the establishment of a new professional guild - the "outdoor-guide". This project has been started in fall 2010 and will end preliminary in December 2013.

Feelfree outdoor team

Feelfree Outdoor Team
Feelfree Touristik Outdoor Erlebnis GmbH & Co KG

Feelfree Touristik
Outdoor Erlebnis GmbH & Co KG
Platzleweg 5
6433 Oetz
phone: +43 (0)5252 60350
fax.: +43 (0)5252 603530
e-mail: office[at]feelfree[dot]at

Feelfree adventure center team

Feelfree Adventure Center Team

Faszinatour rafting team

Faszinatour Rafting Team

Faszinatour Abenteuerreisen
Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Alte Bundesstraße 27
6425 Haiming

phone +43 5266 87188


Faszinatour canyoning team

Faszinatour Canyoning Team